At Beads2Go our aim is to fill in the gaps that other Bead sellers leave.Beads2Go stock a large range of Czech Glass Beads. We have Czech seed beads in great hard to find colours. Larger Czech beads in interesting shapes as well as the essential fire polished beads and rounds.We have a great range of Drops, Leaves and Daggers and we also stock basic tools, which are great for the beginner, a range of findings, vintage and new plus a miscellaneous section to delight.

Beads2Go will attend selected events where we’ll have an even wider range of beads on offer. See Upcoming Events for more information.



  • About Prue Barridge

Beads mean many things to Prue. The colour and texture of all types of beads excite her and are what attracted Prue to the beading world. The joy of sitting together with friends, beading and sharing stories continues to keep Prue involved with Beads.

Prue is a life member of the bead society and she served on the core committee in the role of treasurer for 9 years before stepping down in 2012. She was a member of the steering committee that ran the first Melbourne Bead Expo and served on the organising committee until 2013. The Bead Society was a great learning ground for Prue and she has taken advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented.

Prue partnered with Joanne Ivy to form Australian Bead Shows and Events, trading under the name of The Bead Show.  For two years they ran one event in Melbourne and 2 events in Sydney. Due to many factors they thought it best to put The Bead Shows on hold for an extended period hoping that one day the climate will be ready to for a big show again. Beads2Go was born during The Bead Show years and continues to grow.

To fill the gap left by The Bead Show, Prue joined with friends to start Bead and Buy a small Bead Show. Bead and Buy run shows in Melbourne and Sydney and continues on today – who knows what will be next but Prue continues to enjoy doing shows and meeting fellow beading people.

Colour and texture are also to be found in textiles and this is another love of Prue’s. She has been making art using fabric as her main ingredient but incorporating paper, hand and machine stitch and the odd found object or two. She is a member and treasurer of the Baw Baw Arts Alliance and finds this a great outlet for her creativity. Teaching children art and sewing have always been high on her must do lists and she has joined with another arts member to run kids art workshops in the school holidays.